Tense Renderings: the will and won’t of spatial logics

June 24–July 24, 2022

The Reef
1933 S Broadway, Floor 12, Suite 1240

Los Angeles, CA 90007

Organized by Simone Zapata and Fía Benitez, 2022 CalArts REEF Artists-in-Residence

24700: New Exhibition Interrogates Map Making in Tense Renderings: the will and won’t of spatial logics

Beyond the Blue Wall: REEF Residents Fía Benitez and Simone Zapata

Left to right: Fía Benitez, Simone Zapata, 2022 CalArts REEF Artists-in-Residence

Thank you to our friends, family, mentors, participating artists, fellow 2022 REEF Artists-in-Residence, The Reef, Teresa E. Garcia, Alecia Menzano, Amanda Beech, Christina Niazian, Abra Conn, Darcy Huebler, Michael Ned Holte, Rosa Evangelina, Christine Imperial, Patrick Vogel, Herry Kim, Eleanor Francis, Minga Opazo, Casey Baden, Misael Oquendo, Kathi Schulz, Joana P. Cardozo, Matt Town, Naveen Hattis, Jimmy Vega, Rafael Hernandez, Mahedi Anjuman, Words of Mouth, Poetic Research Bureau, Beyond Baroque.

This project was made possible, in part, through funding from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Alumni Microgrant Program.

The CalArts REEF Residency is a year-long opportunity supporting recent graduates from the MFA & MA programs in the Schools of Art, Critical Studies, and Film/Video.

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